This section describes the management interface for vouchers.

Site actions

Add Voucher Group
Adds a new voucher group to the shop.
Delete Voucher Group
Deletes the currently displayed voucher group.



Within the data tab you can change the name of the voucher group.

The name of the voucher group (this is just for internal usage).
Voucher groups are ordered by position, lower number comes first.


Within the vouchers tab you can manage the vouchers of the current voucher group.

The amount of voucher which are supposed to be created.
The value of the voucher. This is either an absolute or an percentage value dependent on the type of the voucher (see below).
The range when the vouchers are valid.
Kind of:
The type of the voucher. Either absolute or percentage.
Effective from:
The minimum cart price from which the vouchers are valid. This is only the total cart item prices without shipping and payment costs.
The tax of the vouchers. If you don’t know the tax just let it empty.
Determines how often the vouchers can be used.
Sums up

Determine if Voucher can be summed up with discounts. To calculate final discount on order:

  • value of discounts/voucher able to sum up is calculated
  • value of highest discount/voucher that cannot be summed up is calculated
  • higher of two above values is used

Add Vouchers

In order to add vouchers, fill in the provided form and click on Add Vouchers.

Delete Vouchers

To delete vouchers check all voucher you want to delete and click on Delete Vouchers.


Within the options tab you can change the options for voucher numbers.

Number prefix
The prefix of the voucher number: PREFIX-xxxxx.
Number suffix
The suffix of the voucher number: xxxxx-SUFFIX.
Number length
The length of the voucher number.
Number letters
The used letters to create a voucher number


The current options are only effective for upcoming vouchers.