This section describes the management interface for discounts.

Site Actions

Add Discount
Adds a new discount to the shop.
Delete Discount
Deletes the currently display discount.


The name of the discount, which is displayed as order item to the customer.
The value of the discount.
Absolute or percentaged. The type of the above entered value. If percentaged is selected the discount is based on the total price of all products within the cart.
The included tax of the discount (optional)
The unique id of the discount.
Sums up:

Determine if discount can be summed up with other discounts/voucher. To calculate final discount on order:

  • value of discounts/voucher able to sum up is calculated
  • value of highest discount/voucher that cannot be summed up is calculated
  • higher of two above values is used


Within this tab you can assign criteria to the discount. The discount is only given if a customer meets all criteria.

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