Within the carts overview all carts are displayed.




Sorting is not available at the moment.


  • To view a cart in detail just click on the cart.


Within the cart detail view you can see several information about a single cart:

  • The general information: cart id, the customer (if there is one), creation and modification date, amount of items and the total amount.
  • The cart items.
  • On the left you can see all carts. Just click on a cart to see it in detail.

Navigation / Filtering

You can filter and navigate through the displayed carts on the left:

  • With the page navigation you can navigate through all carts.
  • To filter the carts by date just fill in Start and End (YYYY-MM-DD) and click Submit. For convenience you can click on links beside the start field. T = today, Y = yesterday, W = week.
  • To reset the filter just click on the red X button.