Products Overview

This section describes the products overview management interface.


Here you can bulk edit products.

Change Products

In order to delete products activate the check box on the left side of the products in question and click the Delete button. In order to modify products make the changes in the product fields and click the Save button.


Deletions or modifications can’t be made undone.


In order to display just a sub set of products you want to change you can use the filter section on top of the screen. A product must join all filters in order to be displayed, in other words the filter fields are joined by a logical AND. To set the filters click on the Submit button. To reset the filters click on the red button on the most right site of the filter section.

Filter fields

The amount of products which are displayed on one page. If there are more within the current filter settings you can skim through it with the help of the page navigation on the left side of the filter area.
Filters the products by given name or SKU.
Filters the products by given category.
Filters the products by given activity state.
For Sale
Filters the products by the for sale state.
Sub type
Filters the displayed products by the entered sub type.