Static Block

This section describes the management interface of Static Blocks.

Site actions

Add Static Block
Adds a Static Block to the shop.
Delete product
Deletes the current displayed Static Block.
View Static Block
Opens the current displayed Static Block in a pop-up window to quickly check the appearance of the without leaving the LMI.



The name of the Static Block. The name is used to select a certain static block.
Display Files
This must be checked in order to display the attached files.
The HTML of the Static Block. This can be any valid HTML code.


Within this tab you can add arbitrary files to the Static Block. These are provided for download if Display Files is checked (see above).

Add files
Click on the Select files button and select as many files as you want within your browsers pop-up window. You can use shift click to select a range of files at once and ctrl (cmd for apple users) click to select more files. Now click on open to start the upload process. You will now see a progress bar meanwhile your files are being uploaded.
Update files
To update the files just change the Title and/or the position of all filed you want to change and click on the Update button.
Move files
To move files just enter the position of every file and click on the Update button.
Delete files
To delete files select the check boxes beside all files you want to delete and click the Delete button.

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