How To Add a Product with Variants


In this how-to you will learn how to add a product with variants.


If you don’t have a working LFS instance yet, you can just use our demo shop at Please be aware that we reset the database every two hours.


  1. Go to the LFS Management Interface.

  2. Go to Catalog / Products.

  3. Click on Add Product in order to add new product.

  4. Enter the Name, and the Slug of the product and click on Add product.

  5. Now you can enter further data as you would do for standard products for instance the price. Please note that this are in case of a Product with Variants just default values, which can be overwritten for every single variant later.

  6. Change the product’s type from Standard to Product with Variants and click change. You will notice that there is now a Variants tab.

  7. Go to the Variants tab.

  8. Click on the pencil left beside the Local Properties title in order to display the local properties add form.

  9. Enter Color in the text field and click on Add Property.


    You can also use global properties to create variants, but this is beyond of these how-to.

  10. Enter Red into the now provided option field and click on Add Option.

  11. Repeat step 10 with Green and Blue.


    For convenience you can also add Red, Green, Blue to add all options at once.

  12. Now go to the Variants section and select All below Color option. Click on Add Variants(s). This will create all variants based on the option you have entered above.

  13. Click on the pencil of a variant in order to open its edit form.

  14. By default the data is inherited from the parent. In order to override a field activate it - check the check box beside the field - and enter some information to it for instance for the price of a variant.

  15. Repeat that for every variant you want to change.

  16. Click on the Base Article site action in order to go back to the parent product.

  17. Go to the Variants tab. You should be there automatically.

  18. Check the Active check box. This will check the active check boxes of all variants and click on the Save button.

  19. Select the default variant by checking one of the radio boxes below the Default title. This variant is displayed if the shop customer visits the Product with Variant.

  20. Go to the Product tab.

  21. Check the Active check box. This will activate the whole Product with Variants.

That’s it

Now click on Goto Product and you will see your newly created Product with variants. There is a Variants section from which the customer can select the variants the product provides. All information of the product (which has been overwritten by a variant) are automatically updated if the customer choose a variant.

What’s next

  • Add more properties and options in order to create more complex variants.
  • Use global properties in order to create variants.
  • Check the difference between the both display types list and select.