How To Setup Paypal


In this how-to you will learn how to setup paypal for your shop


  1. Setup a paypal developer account at
  2. Add a pre-configured test Buyer
  3. Add a pre-configured test Seller
  4. Launch the sandbox account for the Seller from
  5. Set up IPN
  1. Set up PDT
  • Click on “Profile” - “Website Payment Preferences”
  • Turn on “Auto Return”
  • Set the “Return URL” to
  • Set “Payment Data Transfer” to On, this will create an Identity Token for us.
  1. Copy our seller information to e.g.:

    PAYPAL_IDENTITY_TOKEN = "j0Iw3M4l6znE45kWkyQs43PkwC9bkaceteiWXfddg5q_CW1Ev4HGuqVPPfBG"
  2. Deploy your site to a live internet site for testing (Paypal servers must be able to see your site).

  3. When you are finished testing your site and ready to go live, set up a live Paypal Business account (Website Payments Standard account has been reported to work) and repeat steps 5-8