How To Manage Payment Methods


In this how-to you will learn how to add and edit payment methods and how to add criteria and prices for them.


If you don’t have a working LFS instance yet, you can just use our demo shop at Please be aware that we reset the database every two hours.

Get started

In order to add/edit a payment method please go to Management / Shop / Payment Methods.


If there are no payment methods yet, you will automatically get to the add payment method form. Otherwise the first payment method is displayed and you can click on a payment method to edit this or on Add payment method to add a new one.

If you have done that you can edit or enter the data for a payment method as described below.


The data tab contains all core data for the payment method.


Now fill in the fields:

  • Name: The name of the payment method, which is displayed to the shop customer.

  • Description: A short description of the payment method, which is also displayed to the customer.

  • Note: A note of the payment method, which is displayed on the confirmation mail after the shop customer has been checked out.

  • Priority: The first valid payment method with the highest priority (smaller number) method is displayed to the customer.

  • Image: An image for the payment method, which is displayed to the shop customer.

  • Tax: The included tax of the payment method’s price.

  • Price: The default price of the payment method. This can be overwritten within the price tab (see below).

  • Module: The dotted name of the external package which processes the payment (this is for developers only).

  • Type: The type of the payment method. Dependent on that additional fields for input (within the checkout process) will be displayed. There are three types at the moment:

    • Plain No additional fields are displayed.
    • Bank Fields for a bank account are displayed.
    • Credit Card Fields for a credit card are displayed.

And click on the Save-button.


Optional you can add some criteria to the payment method. Only when all criteria are true the payment method is displayed to the shop customer.


To add criterion proceed as following:

  • Click on the Add criteria-button (adds a criterion on first position) or on the plus button beside a criterion (adds a criterion below)
  • Select the criteria type you want, e.g. Weight (this is the weight of all cart items).
  • Select the operator, e.g. Less than equal to.
  • Enter the value, e.g. 50.
  • Altogether this means the payment method is valid if the weight of all cart items is less than or equal to 50 units.
  • You can add as many criteria you want.
  • Click on Save criteria.

To update criteria proceed as following:

  • Change the values of the criteria to your needs.
  • Click on Save criteria

To delete a criterion proceed as following:

  • Click on the minus button beside the criterion.
  • Click on Save criteria.


Optional you can add additional prices to the payment method and restrict them with criteria. The first price which meets all criteria will be taken.


To add a price proceed as following:

  • To manage prices go to the Prices tab.
  • To add a new price enter the value into the text field and click Add price.
  • To add/edit criteria for that price click on Edit criteria link. A pop-up window will open.
  • Click on Add criteria and change the criteria type, the operator and the value to your needs.

To update/delete a price proceed as following:

  • To update the prices change the priority and/or the value of the price and click on Update prices.
  • To delete the prices select the check boxes of the prices you want delete and click on Delete prices.