This section describes the concepts of properties.


Generally, properties are used to extend products with miscellaneous data fields. Properties are attached to products with the help of property groups.

In particular properties are used to create products with variants, configurable products and filters or just to display generic information on a product. Additionally they can also be used to ask the shop customers to enter information for a product which is about to be ordered.


There are three types of properties, which are described in detail in the following sections.

Text Field

The property’s value are plain text without any logic behind it.

Float Field

The property value must be a float.

Step Type

The step type is used for filtering. It can be chose from three different methods how the steps are created.

The filter steps are calculate automatically. The base are the entered values of all products of a category for this property.
Fixed steps
On base of the entered number LFS builds automatically all steps from the minimal to the maximum value of all entered values on the products of a category for this property.
Manual steps
All steps, which are supposed to be displayed are entered manually.


Validators are used to validate customer inputs into property fields.

Decimal places
The amount of decimal places which are allowed.
The minimum value of the field.
The maximum value of the field.
The valid steps from minimum to maximum value.


  • Min: 1
  • Max: 3
  • Steps: 0.5

Valid values which a shop customer could input into this field are: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3.

Select Field

The property is displayed as a select box.

Select Field Properties

Display Price
If this is checked the price of the options is displayed beside the name within the select box.
Add Price
The price of the selected option of the property is added to the total price of a Configurable Product.

Select Field Options

Every single option for a Select Field Property has to be entered. These have following information:

  • Position
  • Name
  • Price (optional)

The options are ordered by position, lower numbers are displayed first. The names are displayed within several selection fields. if Add Price is selected, the price is used to calculate the total price of a Configurable Product.