Delivery Times

This section describes the concepts of delivery times.


The delivery times of single products and the cart is calculated automatically by LFS. Delivery times are managed centrally and are assigned to LFS’ shipping methods, that means they are generally dependent on the first valid or the selected shipping method of a customer, if this is not explicitly overwritten for a product (see below).


To get the delivery time for a single product (to display it within the product page), LFS calculates the first valid shipping method for the product and the customer (all criteria are true) and takes its assigned delivery time. It’s also possible to override this mechanism for single products with a manually delivery time.


To identify the delivery time for the total cart (to display it within the cart and the checkout page), LFS takes the shipping method the customer has currently selected and calculates on base of that the maximum delivery time of all products within the cart. The result can different from the selected shipping method as also in this case the manual delivery times of products are taken into account. Additionally the default delivery time is used if the selected shipping method for are product within the cart is not valid.


Additionally the internal delivery time (shop owner orders product) can be added to the delivery time for the customer.